• Dolce Vita

    The definition “Dolce Vita” is known all over the world. The world learned about it in 1960, after Marcello Mastroianni wore an elegant suit and dark glasses, and went on the Croisette in Cannes. Under his hand he held Anita Ekberg. At the background there was ironically smiling Federico Fellini. The film La Dolce Vita won the “Palme d’Or” and conquered the whole world. People do not just like the film; they have adopted a way of life. Night walks, champagne, swimming in the fountains, food as a kind of sex, in general, life.

    Feel the taste for life, to try new experience of pleasure in restaurant Dolce Vita. It is a little Europe in the center of Kaliningrad city.

    Dolce Vita has is the most interesting menu in the city. Here is the French, Spanish, Italian, and a kitchen a`la Russe. Our wines are from the cellars of the Austrian Count and hard-working French vineyards of Provence. Our chef offers extraordinary dishes with molecular gastronomy and haute cuisine elements. The menu changes every three months and every three months – this is like a new declaration of love.





    • Menu a la carte
    • Kitchen fusion
    • Seasonal offers
    • Vegetarian menu
    • Lenten menu
    • Children’s menu
    • Business breakfast
    • Dining sets
    • Organizing celebrations
    • Summer terrace
    • Carrying gastronomic evenings and workshops
    • Wine testing
    • Author’s cocktail menu


    Restaurant «Dolce Vita»

    2, sq. Marshala Vasilevskogo, Kaliningrad, Russia, 236016

    Tel.: +7 (4012) 35-16-12