Фелини основная

Bar Fellini is open every day as an integral part of the restaurant Dolce Vita. All the menu suggestions are available. Bartenders create unique cocktails using elite alcohol and natural ingredients into a cocktail masterly playing vintage, experiment with handmade liqueurs, replacing one component in the classical formula to another close to it in meaning, and bring up the brilliant absurdity some familiar idea. There is nothing surprising in the fact that there is not just one mix here - piece goods, and familiar things here sound in a new way.

The music here sounds very special, because it is the only bar in the area, which is equipped with professional great sound system. The bar is equipped with a Void Acoustics. Void Acoustics - a leader in the world of innovative professional audio systems. Acoustics hi-end class Void combines unique technology innovations with an unusually bold, trendy and memorable design.

2, sq. Marshala Vasilevskogo 236016 Kaliningrad Kaliningrad Region, Russia
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Fellini Bar