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The definition of Dolce Vita is known all over the world. The world learned about it in 1960. The film La Dolce Vita won the "Palme d'Or" and conquered the whole world. People don’t just like the film; they loved this way of life. Night walks, champagne, swimming in the fountains, food as a kind of sex, life.

Feel the taste of life, try new experience of taste and pleasure; this is what restaurant Dolce Vita offers to it guests. Dolce Vita is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Kaliningrad city.

The menu here is a combination of the high cuisine standards and traditions from all over the world with signature recipes. There are French, Spanish, Italian and Russian a`la Russe kitchen.

Even Russian cuisine in Dolce Vita is a work of art. Every dish here has its own story to tell. The work arts, theatre, ballet, opera, travels, books and films inspire the menu.

We believe here that food brings special meanings and affects all five senses.

Dolce Vita is all about fine combinations, drops of molecular gastronomy, trend ingredients and unique interior design. The is an outside terrace in restaurant which is surrounded by green garden, complemented by a relaxed atmosphere and cosy seating. Dolce Vita has an extensive wine list from all over the world. There are wines from the cellars of the Austrian Count and hard-working French vineyards of Provence.

Every week we bring fresh oysters, fish and seafood. Also, seasonally, restaurant is organising testing menus, gastronomy dinners and different events. According to the season, we are using interesting food from all over the world, developing unique recipes and creating special set menus. Yearly, we have truffle, lobster, steak, oysters and seafood parties. Clearly, this restaurant has the power to surprise.

Restaurant is located in the centre of Kaliningrad city, near the famous Amber Museum.

2, sq. Marshala Vasilevskogo 236016 Kaliningrad Kaliningrad Region, Russia
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Dolce Vita Restaurant