• These rules govern relations in the provision of hotel services.

  • The hotel administrator promptly provides the necessary and reliable information about services, room rates, and the form and procedure for payment for services.

  • The hotel is intended for temporary residence of citizens for a period agreed with the hotel administration.

    Upon expiration of the agreed period, the resident is obliged to vacate the room at the request of the administration.

    If you wish to extend your stay, you must inform the hotel administrator no later than two hours before check-out time - 12 noon local time.

    Extension of the period of stay in the same room is possible only if there is no confirmed reservation for it in favor of third parties.

  • Checkout time is 12 noon local time (GMT+2, MSK-1).

  • Check-in time is after 14:00 local time (GMT+2, MSK-1).

  • The hotel is open 24/7.

  • Accommodation of guests at the hotel is carried out upon presentation of the following documents:

    • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;

    • birth certificates (for persons under 14 years of age);

    • a passport of a foreign citizen, or another document established by federal law as an identification document of a foreign citizen;

    • temporary residence permit for a stateless person;

    • residence permit for a stateless person.

  • For foreign citizens, a valid visa (except for countries with a visa-free regime) and a migration card are required.

  • The agreement for the provision of hotel services is considered concluded upon the guest’s agreement with the current rules of the hotel and registration of accommodation.

  • When registering a stay at a hotel, the administrator issues an invoice, which must contain the name of the hotel, information about the room provided, the price of the room, and other necessary data at the discretion of the contractor.

  • When booking, the hotel administrator and the booked party agree in advance on the room category, room price and length of stay.

  • Payment for accommodation and services at the hotel is carried out according to the price list approved by the hotel management. Check-in at the hotel is made only after the guest has made an advance payment for the daily rate, or for the entire expected period of stay. Upon departure, the client is obliged to vacate the hotel room at 12 o'clock on the day of departure. In case of delay in the visitor's departure, the payment for accommodation will be charged depending on the delay in the following order:

    • from 12:00 to 18:00 – hourly payment;

    • from 18:00 to 00:00 - fee for ½ day;

    • from 12 to 24 hours after checkout time - payment for a full day;

    • when staying no more than a day (24 hours), the fee is charged per day, regardless of the time of check-in at the hotel (there is no hourly payment);

    • when staying before 14:00 (subject to availability and without prior reservation), the payment for accommodation will be charged in the following order: from 00:00 to 12:00 – payment for ½ day.

  • In case of late arrival, refusal of the guest or reduction of the period of stay, the administration has the right to withhold the amount for the actual downtime of the room in the amount of the cost of one night's stay.

  • If you are late by more than a day, the reservation will be cancelled.

  • The hotel provides the following types of free services:

    • calling an ambulance;

    • Taxi;

    • using a first aid kit;

    • wake-up at a certain time;

    • provision of boiling water, needles, threads, a set of dishes, cutlery, flower vases;

    • Internet access

  • Rooms are cleaned daily until 18:00. Bed linen is changed every 2 days, towels and toiletries are replaced daily.

  • Guests, upon request, are provided with various additional services for a fee (washing, ironing, catering services, business center services).

  • The hotel administration is not responsible for the operation of city services (emergency shutdown of electricity, water supply).

  • The hotel ensures compliance with SES standards and other regulations on the quality of services offered at all hotel facilities. Ensures the confidentiality of information about Guests and visitors to the hotel. Responds in a timely manner to Guest requests to eliminate inconveniences, breakdowns in the room stock, and at hotel infrastructure facilities. In the event of an accident or failure of any equipment in the room and the problem cannot be resolved, the Guest is offered a room not lower than the category he paid for. If the latter is not possible, return the money for the service not provided.

  • The resident is obliged to: comply with the rules of residence established in the hotel, maintain cleanliness and silence in the room and in the guest house; strictly adhere to fire safety rules, timely and in full pay for all additional services provided by the hotel; compensate for damage in case of loss, damage or damage to hotel property.

  • The hotel prohibits: leaving unauthorized persons in the room, as well as giving them the room key; store flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances; disturb the peace of guests living in adjacent rooms; use electric heaters and candles.

  • Material damage: Compensation for material damage caused to residents in connection with damage or loss of property is carried out on the basis of registration of acts and in accordance with current legislation.

  • The hotel administration has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of hotel services unilaterally, or refuse to extend the period of stay if the guest violates the rules of residence, untimely payment for hotel services, or the guest causes material damage to the hotel.

  • The administration is not responsible for the loss of the guest's valuables in the room if he violates the rules of stay at the hotel. If forgotten items are discovered, the administration takes measures to return them to their owners.

  • The hotel administration reserves the right to visit the room without agreement with the guest in the event of smoke, flooding, or in case of violation by the guest of these rules of residence.

  • If a guest is absent from the place of residence for more than a day (or after 6 hours from the date of his check-out time), the hotel administration has the right to create a commission and make an inventory of the property in the room and evict the guest from the room in his absence.

  • In case of complaints from the consumer, the administration takes all possible measures to resolve the conflict, provided for by law.

  • Smoking throughout the guest house, in accordance with Federal Law No. 15 of February 23, 2013. prohibited.


The list of categories of persons entitled to receive benefits, as well as the list of benefits provided in the provision of hotel services in accordance with laws and other regulatory legal acts.

The categories of persons entitled to receive benefits include:

  • Heroes of Socialist Labor;

  • Full Knights of Labor Glory Art. 1.1, art. 5 of the Federal Law of January 9, 1997 No. 5-FZ “On the provision of social guarantees to Heroes of Socialist Labor, Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation and full holders of the Order of Labor Glory”;

  • Disabled people of war, pp. 28 clause 1 art. 14 Federal Law of January 12, 1995 No. 5-FZ “On Veterans”;

  • Participants of the Great Patriotic War pp. 19 clause 1 art. 15 Federal Law of January 12, 1995 No. 5-FZ;

  • Persons awarded the badge “Resident of besieged Leningrad” pp. 15 clause 1 art. 18 Federal Law of January 12, 1995 No. 5-FZ;

  • Heroes of the Soviet Union;

  • Heroes of the Russian Federation;

  • Full Knights of the Order of Glory (Article 1.1, Article 7 of the Law of the Russian Federation of January 15, 1993 No. 4301-1 “On the status of Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation and Full Knights of the Order of Glory”;

  • Disabled people of groups I and II (paragraph 6, clause 1 of Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of October 2, 1992 No. 1157).

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