We have gathered cuisines from various countries around the world, brought in intriguing ingredients from unique corners of the globe, created numerous original recipes, and carefully selected every piece of furniture and decor element to bring our vision to life in our restaurants in Kaliningrad. Our restaurants are not just a business; they are a work of art where everyone, from the company founders to every member of our team, puts a piece of their heart into what they do. Our inspiration is what we create – the food, the beauty on the plate, the unique taste, the atmosphere, and the unforgettable emotions.

Restaurant "Usadba"

A cozy restaurant in a truly Russian and noble spirit within a historic countryside complex.

Dolce Vita

A gastronomic wine restaurant with a signature menu in the center of Kaliningrad.

Restaurant "Tchaikovsky"

A designer restaurant featuring Russian and Baltic cuisine, inspired by three different eras of Kaliningrad's history.

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