236022, Kaliningrad Region, Kaliningrad, 43 Tchaikovsky Street

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Restaurant "Tchaikovsky"

We present to you another project by the Ageev family—the newly renovated restaurant "Tchaikovsky". Olga Ageeva is responsible for the kitchen, the new menu, and everything happening in the establishment. The main focus is on Russian and nostalgic Soviet cuisine, reinterpreted in a modern style. The menu features six different sandwiches to pair with vodka, fish soup with crucians, classic beef stroganoff, homemade stuffed cabbage rolls and dumplings, Mimosa salad, and many other childhood favorites, updated with modern twists and adapted to current gastronomic trends.

The bar focuses on vodka and strong drinks, offering both classic choices and unconventional, historical options such as the traditional "bread wine" Polugar.

The overall interior and design solutions of the restaurant are done in an art deco style with boudoir elements. This is a collaborative idea by restaurateur Marina Ageeva and Lithuanian designer Valdas Kontrimas.

Restaurant Tchaikovsky is a place for warm gatherings with friends, cozy family get-togethers, and a spot where you can come with a lively group, on a romantic date, or for a business lunch. It’s a restaurant for those who feel nostalgic for the tastes of their childhood, who miss simple yet heartfelt Soviet cuisine "like grandma used to make", and who love discovering something new.

Located in the historic center of Kaliningrad, in the Amalienau district, at 43 Tchaikovsky Street, the newly renovated restaurant Tchaikovsky has opened its doors and is delighted to welcome you, dear residents of Kaliningrad and guests of the Amber capital of our homeland. Come, and we will make your dining experience delightful.

Tchaikovsky loved hosting guests and often participated in feasts and gatherings. In 1872, inviting his friend, architect Ivan Klimenko, to one such evening, he sent the following invitation:

«As soon as the game ends,

Fresh caviar will be served,

Along with chilled vodka

And perhaps (maybe) herring."

The letter was wittily signed: "Peter the Great."



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Restaurant "Tchaikovsky"


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