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In the main historical building of the Usadba hotel there is a cozy restaurant in a truly Russian and noble spirit. With antique buffets, lace and floral tablecloths, a cozy fireplace and a summer terrace surrounded by climbing roses with a magnificent view of the garden and flower beds.

The concept of the menu is Russian and Baltic cuisine, prepared according to ancient recipes from local products. A good start to the meal would be Baltic sprat, potato pancakes with caviar and sour cream, herring with a spicy marinade or ocean fish stroganina. For the first course they serve royal fish soup with pies and crayfish, home-style borscht with duck, Borodino bread, lard and garlic. For main course, you should try stewed veal cheeks with buckwheat noodles or Baltic pike perch with potato gnocchi and mushrooms.

We also cook grilled dishes over an open fire. Dry Age dry-aged steaks, Ribeye, Mignon, juicy kebab of Baltic eel and catfish, homemade sausages. Meat for steaks undergoes a aging procedure in specialized chambers so that your steak turns out right, juicy and tasty.

Year-round, the restaurant monitors local produce and harvest seasons and introduces seasonal menus and offerings. In autumn it is pumpkin and sea buckthorn, in spring Baltic smelt, in summer chanterelles.

Since June, the restaurant has been using vegetables, fruits and herbs grown in its own garden and greenhouse, which are located on the territory of the complex. And in cold weather, you will be warmed up here with signature homemade teas and summer harvest pickles rolled into jars.


The “estate” was built in a place called Nesselbeck (“Nettle Stream”) in the 18th century. Nesselbeck was a noble manor, a rural estate, owned by the Neumann-Feldberg family, which owned an area of more than 496 hectares with meadows, forest, pastures, cattle, horses, alleys and gardens.

In 2004, the place was purchased for private ownership, the partially preserved old German mansion was restored and this marked the beginning of a new story - the Usadba hotel and restaurant in Kaliningrad. Today “Usadba” is a unique country complex, with a restaurant serving homemade Russian cuisine and a large picturesque area for walking.


If you are looking for the perfect place to host your important life events, we have something to offer. We have 10 years of successful experience in organizing banquets, weddings, corporate events, buffets, anniversaries, private parties and catering.

The Usadba hotel and restaurant has 5 exclusive venues for events from 8 to 250 people. The Usadba restaurant itself has 3 halls that are suitable for intimate family meetings. In addition, the complex has 3 separate all-season banquet halls with their own verandas and open areas for welcome buffets, lounge areas and ceremonies. Also, there are 2 summer verandas on the territory for warm events.

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